Playability Update

  • Added 4 new Skills
    • Crash: Launch into the air then slam down onto the ground, sending out a pulse of energy
    • Frenzy: Boost your speed and jumping abilities in a Neon-fueled Frenzy
    • Resource (in development): Drop a resource from a variety, including shelds, health, and Skill Charge (currently only dropping Health)
    • Neon Ghost: Deploy a drone that will kill your enemies for you, allowing you more time to set up your field the way you want it to be
  • Reworked Butterfly animations and movement patterns to be easier to kill
  • Reworked spawn limits of Butterflies and Bees for better balancing
  • Added new enemy death sounds
  • Fixed bug where disabling Pixel Assets in the Settings wouldn't disable Pixel Assets
  • Fixed bug where dying would reset X and Y mouse sensitivities

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87 days ago

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