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Imagine, if you will, a survival horror game without any actual horror.  A game that is so difficult, so challenging, that it creates its own terror.  An experience that will keep pulling you back again and again, keep killing you, keep forcing you to start over even as you groan at another inevitable failure.  A game where, no matter how many times you crash and burn, you never feel the burning heat of rage.

That game, is the one you see before you.  That game, is Apex.

Unlike other "difficult" games, like Dark Souls, Getting Over It, or Cuphead, Apex relies solely on the skills and reflexes of the player.  There are no cheats, no patterns, no glitches to take advantage of.  Instead, all the player has are their inherent abilities, and tenacity.  What this game does have, is true fairness.  Apex doesn't need to rely on cheap tricks such as finicky controls, or an endless stream of bosses.  Apex doesn't need fancy art to distract you from it's shortcomings.  All Apex needs, is a player who won't give up, no matter how hard the journey becomes.

Are ready for the challenge?

Install instructions

After unzipping the file, you will see a text document, an EXE, and Data files.  Read the text document, then launch the EXE and enjoy.

There are a number of fake achievements in the game, these will become actual achievements in the final Build, alongside multiple ships to choose from, weapons to choose from, and powerups.  The final product will also support an online leaderboard, and will have a multiplayer Territory mode.


Apex_Final_Demo.zip 38 MB

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